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Регулирующие опоры позволяют изменять высоту деревянных лагов относительно пола с интервалом от 30 мм. до 100-150 мм.


В нижней части лаговой опоры проделано центральное отверстие для крепления ее металлическими анкерами к основанию. Диаметр стойки на 0,25 мм. больше, чем у резьбы M27x3, вырезанной стандартным маркером, поэтому опора жестко закреплена в древесине, предотвращая люфт и отклонения от оси.

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brand "Регулируй Пол.Да" "Adjust Floor.Yes"


THE BEST OF THE WALL "Регулируй Пол.Да" "Adjust Floor.Yes" has the maximum thickness of the walls among the adjustable lag supports we know.

SUPER! STRENGTH! When testing the supports for the adjustable floor, the support joint is a 45 mm pine lag withstood a load of 1700 kg/a support! The strength of a new support from the new material "Регулируй Пол.Да" Mechanic +2.4 test is 2563 kg! Watch the video


To prepare the supporting surface, remove the solid shrapnel elements and dust formed during drilling, there are arc the bottom of the adjustable support for lags,

   Installation of ADJUSTABLE FLOOR LEGS. Cheap and very convenient.

Only standard tools are used. A special solution is applied - the use of an expensive marker to cut the M27x3 thread in the bar is not necessary. Twelve face heads of 18-19 sizes of some manufacturers are enough to rotate the marker. To regulate the level of lags, to rotate the support requires a standard hex rod. Unlike racks with a 24 mm diameter there is no need to reduce the diameter of each standard drill to securely fasten the lag. The support Adjust Floor.Yes is cheaper than the competitors’ supports we know.

  High-strength plastic support Adjust Floor.Yes is made under high pressure from polyamide, glass-filled polyamide, primary ABS plastic. A new support Mechanic +2.4 is produced from new material.

Adjustable floor

The adjustable floor will not bring down the integratory floors, it weighs less. Its strength is several tons per m2..

Adjustable floor

can be used immediately after installation, no dirt and wet processes

Adjustable floor

There is a space under the floor, it will allow additionally insulate and soundproof the floor!

Adjustable floor

It is possible to conduct electric-water-communication under the floor, to mount a warm floor

Adjustable floor

Perfectly smooth, warm in its design, will last decades, does not creak

Adjustable floor

has a high assembly speed, from 20 sq m per working day.

   Adjustable supports for the floor have undeniable advantages for leveling the surface with partial floor repair, replacing the lags in the apartment with bulk floors, installation on the balcony in winter, when replacing the floor in the rooms, living in the apartment, you can only move the furniture without taking it out completely. After the additional treatment of the bar from rotting support Adjust Floor.Yes is suitable for the installation of flooring in the gazebos on the racks. Small concrete cushions are enough to support.



It is more practical to choose a distance between holes and lags about 46-52 cm. How to calculate the optimal distance between the lags in the middle of the room? Subtract 3 mm from the size of the plywood. leave them on the seam between the ends of the sheets, then divide the difference into 3. For example, (1525 mm - 3 mm)/3 is 507 mm. The distance between the lag support centers is 507 mm. To create a pattern for the placement of lags we subtract the width of the lag from the value of 507 mm. Total 447 mm. In this case, the adjustable lags will fall on the adjacent sheets of plywood exactly in the middle. Each sheet of plywood will be laid on lags, supported by 16 thread adjustable supports, each square meter will be based on 9 supports. Due to the fact that in the middle of the room the lag becomes common, two adjacent sheets of plywood are stacked on it, so in these places you need less supports. So the consumption of regulatory supports is less, it is about 4.5 -7 pc/sqm. The larger the room, the lower the average consumption. When testing the load of the bar 63 x45 mm. on the supports, a span 55 cm. glued together in the middle withstood a high distributed load of more than 1600 kg. 

When testing the load of the bar 63 x45 mm. on the supports, a span 55 cm. glued together in the middle withstood a high distributed load of more than 1600 kg. 

       We can produce supports "Регулируй Пол.Да" in batches of 3,000 pieces with improved values of properties, such as electric, shock-resistant, fire-fighting in case of special order. The Mechanic supports are made of polyamide with various additives. The properties of new material allows it to function for quite a long time, even with the simultaneous effects of factors such as high mechanical loads, as well as exposure to substances such as oil, gasoline and other aggressive compounds. The temperature for this material is up to 150-220 degrees. The strength of the main adjustable support is over 2.5 tons!

We produce adjustable floor legs

     Adjustable floor legs with external carvings previously were made with a diameter of 18, 21 mm, till today some companies continue to sell regulatory supports for lag with a diameter of 24 mm, with a carving in a 3 mm increment. Moreover, the strength of such support is 3-5 times less than the strength of the supports Adjust Floor. Yes. You can strengthen the structures assembled on them by installing a support of our production with a diameter of 27 mm. It may also need to change the height of the floor, overhaul. You can give a "second chance" to adjustable lags (bars) 55 mm wide and more. When dismantling lags with a diameter of 18-24 mm, it is easy to cut a thread M27x3 in the remaining hole and tightly install the Adjust Floor. Yes lag, with a diameter of 27.25 mm. 

The history of adjustable floor legs

The previous generation of adjustable floor legs was made according to the 1DIN 913 Grub screw with socket head and flat end, diameter up to M24. The ancestor of the plastic leveling feet, with male threads, reminiscent of Adjust Floor.Yes, Nivell has been in business since 1993. Nivell says they have installed 6 million square meters of adjustable floors. In 2017, the company began to produce new products: lags with sound damping lining.

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в 5-10 раз дороже опоры для лаг "Регулируй Пол.Да"

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More than 5 new patented technical solutions have been applied in the support structure Adjust Floor Yes. Adjusting support for lags "Регулируй Пол.Да"  is protected by Russian patent No. 182755